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Many people helped me with work on this dissertation. First of all, I would like to thank them all for their attention and support without which this thesis would never have come into existence.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my Senior supervisor Dr. Alexandra Smith. Her broad outlook and extensive knowledge of Russian literature and culture were very impressive. Dr. Smith’s inexhaustible academic drive was an excellent example to me as a young scholar.

My warm thanks go to the members of Russian Programme at the University of Canterbury: my Associate supervisor Dr. Evgeny Pavlov and Professor Henrietta Mondry, who generously shared with me their knowledge, demonstrating their support and kindness.


I would like to thank Associate Professor Kenneth Henshall (School of Languages and Cultures, University of Canterbury) for his constant encouragement, support and helpful advice. Also, my special thanks to Dr. Adam Lam (Cultural Studies Programme, University of Canterbury), who provided me with the opportunity to discuss my research, and lent not only his friendly support, but also some valuable ideas.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Lyndall Morgan (University of Queensland) and Dr. Tadeusz Olszanski (Center for Eastern European Studies, Poland), who on various occasions provided important references and additional information related to my research.
I am very grateful to my friends Pip Manley, Carl Layton and David-James McKenzie for their help in proof-reading my conference papers and journal articles during my years of research. Their efforts and kindness are most appreciated.

Finally, my greatest thanks to my family: my parents Yuriy and Galina Shirshov, my husband Vadim Oryshchuk, my sister Marina Dyachenko and her family for their help in locating and providing video-recordings of the film-versions of Grin’s works. They constantly helped me with proof-reading, editing and general comments, and to them I would like to dedicate my dissertation.

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